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Environmental Policy

Basic Philosophy

Since our founding in 1919, OKAJIMA & CO.,LTD. has contributed to society with our dedication to the continual creation of "Relationship." In this way, we aim to be highly appraised as an expert in fine and specialty chemicals.

Action Policy

  1. Effective operation of our environmental management system

    To execute our Environmental Policy, we will set environmental items and targets and effectively operate the environmental management system. We will analyze, determine causes, and make revisions with the aim of continuous improvement.

  2. Compliance with environmental regulations

    We will comply with environmental laws, regulations, and other requirements consented to by OKAJIMA that are related to our business activities.

  3. Global environment conservation

    Striking a balance with social and economic needs, we will conduct business activities with consideration of living environments and natural ecosystems. We will work to make continual improvements and prevent global pollution.

  4. Resource and energy conservation

    We will work to use resources and energy efficiently to conserve finite resources.

  5. Promoting and announcing the Environmental Policy

    We will make all employees aware of the Environmental Policy and post it on the website.

March 16, 2016
Akiko Okajima, President

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