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Manufacturers and Products

ManufactureMain Products
ADEKA Epoxy Resin, Curing Agent, Urethane, Oleoresin, Surface Active Agent
AGC Inorganic Chemicals, Fine Resin
Ube Industries Polyurethane dispersion
Kikuchi Color Organic pigment
Colcoat Ethyl silicate
Sakai Chemical Metallic soap
Sannopco Additives (for ink, paint, pulp)
Shamrock Technologies PTFE Wax
JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation Petroleum Resin ("Neo Polymer"), Solvent
Seiko PMC Rosin-modified Phenol Resin (“OR Series”), Acrylic & Copolymer Resin, Hard Resin, Solvent Type Resin, Water Soluble Resin ("X Series")
Soken Chemical & Engineering Acrylic & Copolymer Resin ("Thermolac"), Acrylic Copolymer, Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive ("SK-Dyne"), Functional Polymer
Dow Chemical Japan Acrylic Resin ("Paraloid", "Primal"), Etyhylcellulose ("Ethocel")
Takamatsu Oil & Fat Polyester Resin, Anti-Static Agent, Ink Jet Receiving Layer
Titan Kogyo Cronus Titanium, Synthetic Iron Oxide, Titanium Particulate
DIC Various Chemicals
Toyo Aluminum Aluminum Foil ("Labo Foil")
Toyo Ink Group Organic Pigment, Color Compounds
Dow Corning Toray Silicone Additives
Tosoh Various Isocyanate
JGC Cyatalysts and Chemicals Colloidal Silica ("Cataloid"), Transparent Conductive Material "Elcom")
Nippon Chemical Industries Inorganic Chemicals
Nippon Carbide Industries Acrylic Polymer Emulsion ("Nikasol")
Japan Coating Resin Emulsion Resin, Thickener
Harima Chemicals Group Various Synthetic Resin (", Tall Oil, Talloil Fatty Acid
BASF Japan Polyethylene Wax, Pearl Pigment, Acrylic Resin
Hitachi Chemical Synthetic Resin (Alkyd Resin, Amino Resin , Acrylic Phenol Resin, Acrylic Resin , ), Adhesives
Yasuhara Chemical Hot Melt & Heat Sealing Adhesive ("Hirodine"), Terpene Resin ("YS Resin", "YS Polyster")
Yoshimura Oil Chemical Various Emulsion
Others Carbon Graphite, UV Materials, Inorganic Chemicals

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